What is Play Therapy and why Blue Octopus?

The ocean’s deep, the ocean’s wide, the ocean has many things inside…

Welcome! My name is Paula and I work with children to help them work out things that might be tricky for them. I work using play. My playroom is lots of cool things which children can play with however they want. I called my play therapy sessions Blue Octopus as I think they are very clever, creative and flexible, just like children!

The Playroom

A picture of me drawn by a child!

The playroom is a bit different from home and school. There are fewer rules. As long the things and people in the room aren’t hurt or damaged, children can play as they wish. I try to make it a place that children feel safe to express what they need to.

Play Therapy

I have made a video to tell you about who I am and how I work in the playroom.

The Things in the Room

In my playroom children can draw and paint, write, use clay or make little worlds with figures and a big sand tray. They can move, dance, shout, sing and play music. Or they could sit quietly or make a cosy, soft den. They can also choose not to play or to do anything at all. Children can use puppets and are allowed to ‘sword’ fight. They can shout if they want to too!

Also, below is a video of some of the things that children might play with in the room, if they wish to.

Some Resources for Young People to Use

  • Guided Relaxation: If you sometimes find it hard to get calm and still, have a listen to this which might help feel more relaxed.
  • How Our Brains Work!: Watch this video which explains how our brains work and what happens when we get frightened or cross!
  • Play Therapy: Grown ups can find out more about play therapy here.
  • Stories: Lastly, if you want to listen to some stories, visit my storytelling site.

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